On Monday in the education auditorium at the University of Wyoming Dave Woetzel spoke about how dinosaurs and humans coexsited thousands of years ago. Woetzel provided evidence of dinosaurs, including dragons, and man coexisting in his slides.



October 29 – November 1 “Creation Investigation” presentations at Keystone Baptist Church in Berryville, VA


November 2 Creation Investigation for Maryland Association of Christian Schools


November 4-5 Creation Investigation at People’s Baptist Church in Frederick, MD


November 12 “The Truth about Dinosaurs” & “5 Q’s for Evolutionists” Heritage Baptist Church in New York City, NY


January 14 Creation Seminar at Grace Baptist Church in Dracut, MA


April 5-6 Creation Seminars at the Northeast Regular Baptist Fellowship Conference held at Pilgrim Baptist Church in North Brookfield, MA


Spring 2018 – Creation Investigation in Budapest, Hungary and Vienna, Austria