On Monday in the education auditorium at the University of Wyoming Dave Woetzel spoke about how dinosaurs and humans coexsited thousands of years ago. Woetzel provided evidence of dinosaurs, including dragons, and man coexisting in his slides.


January 20 – February 24 Weekly Creation Investigation presentation, Sunday at 9:30 am at Trinity Baptist Church in Concord, NH

March 4-8 Creation Investigation at Seminario Evangelico Bautista Independiente del Cusco in Peru

March 13-15 Presentations at a Creation Retreat for Fetzer Memorial Academy in Lima, Peru

April 5-6 Dino Presentations for the young children at Calvary Baptist Church in Simpsonville, SC

April 14 Creation Investigation at Tabernacle Baptist Church in New Britain, CT

May 21-23 Creation Investigation presentations at Puebla Bible Seminary in Puebla Mexico

May 27-29 Creation Investigation at New Boston Baptist Church in New Boston, NH

March 4-18, 2020 Creation Investigation at People’s Baptist Church in Trivandrum, India