On Monday in the education auditorium at the University of Wyoming Dave Woetzel spoke about how dinosaurs and humans coexsited thousands of years ago. Woetzel provided evidence of dinosaurs, including dragons, and man coexisting in his slides.


August 22 & 29 Dino Exhibit at Concord Market Days on Capitol Building lawn – Main Street.

On Sept. 23, 30 and Oct. 7 there will be dinosaur presentations for elementary chapel at Trinity Christian School in Concord, NH.

October 9 & 16 Creation presentations at Dublin Christian Academy in Dublin, NH

November 4 Dinosaur presentation at NH Homeschool Coop. Contact Jolyn Hoadley ( for more information.

November 6-8 Creation Investigation at Tabernacle Baptist Church in Litchfield, NH

December 5-6 Creation Investigation at The Bible Church in Port Washington, NY