On Monday in the education auditorium at the University of Wyoming Dave Woetzel spoke about how dinosaurs and humans coexsited thousands of years ago. Woetzel provided evidence of dinosaurs, including dragons, and man coexisting in his slides.


January 23 there will be a Creation Investigation at New England Shores Baptist Church in Hampton, NH

February 5-6 there will be a Creation Investigation hosted by Grace Bible Church in Elkhart, IN

February 13 there will be a creation presentation in the evening at Trinity Baptist Church in Westfield, IN

February 20 there will be a Creation Investigation at Community Bible Church in Milton, IN

Spring 2022 Western NJ Homeschool Group. “Truth about Dinosaurs” and “4 Facts about Fossils.” Contact Sandy Ruzicka for details.

March 18-20, 2022 Creation Investigation at Valleyview Baptist Church in Northampton, PA

April 10 Creation Investigation at Adirondack Baptist Church in Gloversville, NY

July 17-20, 2022, 2022 Creation Investigation at Faith Baptist Church in Palm Bay, FL