The Creation Investigation Seminar

The Creation Investigation is a series of exciting, fast-paced presentations regarding the origins debate, Biblical apologetics, and dinosaurs. While the different topics can stand alone, the series is designed to cover material in a logical fashion, starting with the broad concepts of theism and truth, discussing both the creation and evolution models, and ending with the compelling evidence that the Bible is indeed God’s inspired Word. Here are the titles of each of the presentations and a brief overview of the material.

  1. Absolute Truth in a Postmodern World (Establishing a basis of epistemology or “how we can know what we know” and the crucial nature of truth in a Christian worldview)
  1. Answering Atheists (Five key arguments for God’s existence and the practical importance of this debate in our current culture)
  1. Should Creation be Taught in Public Schools? (History of the origins controversy, fruits of evolutionary thinking, limitations of science, and the two model approach)
  1. Missing Links in the Theory of Evolution (Problems with the evolution model: thermodynamics, abiogenesis, biological complexity, genetics, and paleontology)
  1. The Early Earth: Eden or Ape-men? (Human-ape “transitionals,” the age of the earth, creation’s primeval conditions, and the Adamic curse)
  1. Faith, Flood & Fossils (Review of Noah’s Ark and the Genesis Flood, antediluvian artifacts, and the geological evidence for catastrophism)
  1. The Truth about Dinosaurs (Biblical, historical and scientific evidence that men & dinosaurs co-existed and slides/videos from actual dinosaurian hunting expeditions)
  1. Evidence that the Bible is the Word of God (Is the Bible the divine message from our Creator? Here are five powerful evidences that it is indeed God’s Word.)

To attend a Creation Investigation seminar in your area, see the itinerary of upcoming presentations. The Creation Investigation Press Kit Page is available for those who wish to access promotional graphics and videos. Watch some of these presentations before a live audience by clicking the individual links below or going to Dino Dave’s YouTube channel.

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